May 21, 2024

A Shot Glass For Your Jigger!

What’s a Jigger you assert? A jigger is burgundy frame glasses  another term used to explain shot glasses. Traditionally shot glasses wherein called Jigger as it changed into given to workers digging canals and it simply caught on. It was a means to measure liquor within the early nineteenth century. It’s a thriller where the term shot glass first regarded inside the English Language, however they were used in Italy for over 200 years. They were at first referred to as whiskey tumblers. American shot glass manufactures started adding photos, etched on the tiny glasses inside the 19th century. They did this to sell groups, activities and it served as new method for advertising.

There are plenty of antique other halves stories floating around about the foundation of shot glasses. Most dating lower back to the coolest ole wild wild west. It’s stated that cowboys used to change of their bullets for a shot glass complete of whiskey. Another story states that shot glasses where in the beginning used to preserve quill pens (you realize the ones pens with the feather on it which you dip in ink) but later changed into whiskey glasses due to the fact writers gets inebriated to aid writers block. Okay I admit I made up the remaining part to that second story however still pretty funny. It’s a writers comic story. But in all seriousness those tales have been proved invalid, there is no actual fact assisting those theories but still very interesting.

A authentic historical reality that can be connected returned to the foundation of shot glasses is to German glass maker Friedrich Schott. He opened a glass manufacturing facility with a few colleagues and developed the Schott glass which of route have become shot glass in American layman phrases. There are so many versions to shot glasses as in size, fashion, and use which also varies from country to united states of america. You may even get a shot glass that is fashioned like a boot.

Shots glasses are wonderful at events or even used as collectibles. They are a fun memento or parting gift to offer guests at you occasion. Get your mini glass these days!